PTFE Hoses

We manufacture and supply an array of PTFE hoses to suit myriad industrial applications. Our team specialises in PTFE equipment of all kinds and can provide bespoke solutions for practically any project.

Our PTFE smooth bore hoses comprise a PTFE inner lining and one of a selection of stainless steel outer braids. Where flow-rate is critical or where high-viscosity media are involved, PTFE smooth bore hoses offer advantages over other hose designs. The PTFE lining provides low friction and its shape offers minimum resistance to the movement of gaseous and liquid media. PTFE smooth bore hoses are also easier and quicker to clean than most other hose designs, making them highly suitable for applications requiring maximum cleanliness such as food and pharmaceutical manufacture.

Our PTFE convoluted hoses comprise an extruded PTFE inner lining and one of a selection of outer braids and/or EPDM/silicone cover. More flexible than other hose designs, PTFE convoluted hoses offer a tight bend radius to accommodate considerable space constraints. The extruded structure of the PTFE lining means that our convoluted hoses are highly kink-resistant.

Our highly-skilled team manufactures flared and tafted PTFE hoses to suit even the most bespoke projects. The inner lining of a tafted/flared PTFE hose extends, in one continuous surface, through the end fitting and over its sealing face. The design of our flared and tafted PTFE hoses ensures that their PTFE lining remains the only internally wetted surface when the hose assembly is operated. This maintains the integrity of the hose assembly and of the media transmitted through it.