PTFE Lined Hoses

Manufacturing and supplying PTFE hoses and assemblies to the highest industrial standard, our superbly-equipped facility produces PTFE-lined equipment to suit practically any purpose. We work with major pharmaceutical, food and chemical companies and supply PTFE hoses, fittings and ferrules that are food-safe, flexible and extremely rugged. Our highly-qualified team provides bespoke solutions to suit any project.

The Benefits of Using PTFE Lined Hoses and Assemblies

The physical and chemical properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) make it a superb material for transferring media of various kinds. PTFE’s low coefficient of friction improves flow rates and makes the cleaning of PTFE-lined equipment much easier. As a non-reactive polymer, PTFE is suitable for applications requiring the utmost cleanliness, such as pharmaceutical and food production, as well as for highly aggressive media, including strong acids and alkalis. PTFE’s flexibility, light weight and physical ruggedness mean that PTFE-lined hoses can tolerate extreme pressures and temperatures while accommodating considerable weight and space constraints.